audio samples

audio samples

Who will come, O brothers and sisters? At the bathing place of my Lord Gauranga, a boat is waiting, free of charge. The boat of the Holy Name, it is. Everyone is welcome, without restriction: the lame, the blind, the distressed. All are welcome, without exception.

Srila Locana Das Thakura

At the request of friends & well-wishers, all music is now available for download. These kirtans* and bhajans* were recorded live, single-take studio recordings included. The quality may not be ideal, but we hope that intention counts for something.

Since Harinama* awards the chanter with the greatest treasure, we deem it as a service to offer these kirtans free of charge, though should you feel inspired, any donations are gratefully accepted.

*kirtans/bhajans=melodious devotional chants
*Hari Nama=chanting of the Holy Names

To download music, right click on the link
and select "save as"

Haridas Thakur

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